Meet Our Market Mascot!

Every great team has a Mascot, right?  Well we are no exception!  Meet The Freeport Farmers Market Team Mascot, Larry the Lobster!

Each week Larry the Lobster travels home with a new market vendor and you will get to see the snapshots from his adventures.  See some behind the scenes footage from our vendors studios, workshops, bakeries, deliveries and outings. 

Here is Larry visiting The Craftin' Scot in Freeport and helping her with some sewing.
Larry visited with Shannon of Casco Bay Soap Co. in Durham and helped around her soap studio!  We get to see some behind the scenes action...

Filing customer invoices...

Trimming and cutting soap labels...

Choosing ribbon for packages....
Counting soaps, time to make some more!

Larry stopped by Bessie's Farm Goods in Freeport last week....
Hanging out in a pot, fortunate for him it is not a cooking pot!

Keeping an eye on plant production.

"Can you see me?"

He's just a soft and cuddly as this yarn.

Almost a perfect fit!

Larry stopped in to see Two Smart Ladies while they were working on some new jewelry!
He needed his reading glasses for the close up work.
A bracelet makes a fine crown! 
Larry stopped to hang out with his feathered friends at Wolfe Neck Farm!
He almost got to drive the tractor.

The garden is coming along.

A bovine friend!

See you at the market, Spinach!  Said Larry.

Visiting Phil of Hayward Farm while he picks Peas in the patch!
Painting at Heron Pond Farm....
Hanging out at the park....

At market!

Helping Heron Pond Farm thin the raspberry bushes!



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